Tiwana and Choosing to Be You in Chelsea


Tiwana & Choosing to Be You in Chelsea

As I strolled the city streets on a sleepy Sunday afternoon, I was enjoying the overcast skies. There is something special about gray days after the sun has shined for weeks. I was about to walk into my apartment and I passed someone whose light could not be dimmed, regardless of the weather.  She walked past me, and I stuck my key in my door. But before I turned the key to the left, I felt the need to say hello to this vibrant and unique human. So I walked back towards her. I asked her if I could ask her a few questions and if I could take a few photos and a video? She said sure, and we rolled.

“This is me, a bubbly butterfly. I think women should feel like a butterfly every day; beautiful, blossoming, growing.”

She wants to be her, to share happiness through smiles, and be her. Let me tell you, not only did she make me smile, but every other person that she walked by, as well.

Upon returning to my home, I smiled another smile. The one where you knew you honored a desire, trusted your instinct, and put yourself into a situation that feels a bit out of your comfort zone. And I think that is another beautiful and perhaps indirect blessing Tiwana bestowed upon me. Since she was so comfortable being outside of her comfort zone, she empowered me with the courage to step out of mine. 

“This is me, a bubbly butterfly. I think women should feel like a butterfly every day; beautiful, blossoming, growing.”

A lovely interaction on a Sunday Stroll in Chelsea

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