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Brian Rashid Global’s 2021 Fulbright Specialist project worked with single teenage mothers in Medellin, Colombia, to teach them how to shoot, edit, and produce short and emotive documentary films.

As a global storyteller, writer and filmmaker, Brian’s methods and work channels creative expression as a means of healing trauma, unlocking potential, and enjoying mixed digital art to showcase possibility in this ever connected world.

Under BRG’s direction, these stories were produced and edited by a group of single teenage mothers, who learned, start to finish, how to produce a short film. It was remarkable to watch these young leaders take the lead on script writing, filming, editing, and on-site production.

Check out the Final Product Video Here:

This final video is being used to raise funds, awareness, and opportunities for La Fundacion Juan Fe, a non-profit offering personal and professional skills development and support for hundreds of teenage mothers across Colombia.

The ultimate long-term goal is to empower this original team of young adults with the tools and resources to replicate this same training program throughout other countries around the world.

Interested in getting involved with the Juan Fe Foundation? Please send a message and we’d be most happy to connect you.


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