“I Love San Francisco Because…”


This interactive art installation invites the community to share what they love about San Francisco

This was a dream come true for me here in this city that I love so much. The first place I called home after leaving the Midwest. The place I started my business.  The place that showed me anything is possible. 

To kick off 2024, in the spirit of optimism, gratitude, and hope, this mural and interactive art installation was born. 

I partnered with Manny Yekutiel of the Civic Joy Fund, local muralist Max Ehrman, and the Children’s Day School to build this “Traveling Love Letter to San Francisco,” which was revealed in front of the Children’s Day School in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District. On the corner or 19th and Dolores Street, this interactive art welcomes students, teachers, neighbors, locals, and travelers to grab some chalk, spend a moment in reflection, and write what they love about this city.

This portable Love Letter travels between the Children’s Day School and the iconic Dolores Park where people of all ages and backgrounds can share their hearts for the world to see.

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Add Your Heading Text Here

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A Big Thanks to the Press and Media Coverage

A big thanks to the local Fox News station for coming out to help us spread the love! 

Many smiling faces joined us to share what they love about this magical city by the Bay.

A proud final product, displayed under the palms in the middle of the iconic Dolores Park, in all its sunshine and glory.

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