Love Letter to New York City: Skye and Saying “Yes”


Saying Yes and Skye

One of the many reasons I love this city is the people that come here to say yes.

To pursuing their dreams as, well, as anything you can imagine.
To deepening connection to themselves.
To making it work through dedication and blind love for their art.
To feeling the lows as low as they go.
To appreciating the highs that follow,
in all of these tidal waves we’ve highs we’ve experienced,

in this city.

Meet one of these people.

Skye Montante is a dancer and a dreamer, an artist, a friend, but most of all, a pure and devoted soul to truth, movement, and a human existence that is brilliantly crafted.

We met in San Francisco over a decade ago. One day we went for a hike in the Muir Woods. On our drive back over the Golden Gate Bridge, the song “I’ve Loved you for a Thousand Years.” With the windows rolled down and the rising fog, we held hands. We belted the song at the top of our lungs. We manifested the loves of our lives. We were, in that moment, happy.

” Skye shows us what’s possible when you say yes to your artistic expression and commit with courage to creativity.”

And then we moved out to this city of dreams. We live separate lives and live far from each other. We don’t make plans to meet up, yet somehow, find a way of running into each other when it feels most necessary for both of us. Divine timing at its finest that brings two souls together in the streets of this crazy city.

We hug and look at each other. We share deep secrets and wounds. We offer hope and support. We sit on a bench in the park or smile under a scaffold. We ask deep questions and return honest answers. These interactions only seem to last a few moments; the kinds of energetic exchanges that happen only under the suns of seredendipty. And in these moments, however brief, we find potency, depth, peace, infinity.

This brave creative represents everything I love about New York City.

A collection of people that are willing to risk comfort to soar, to let go of good enough for great, and to enjoy the ride, with all its twists and turns.

After our last interaction, I remember smiling, moving a bit lighter, enjoyting the dance and looking up to the deep blue and expansive sky. And then I thought about her?, and how she’s climbed, day by day into a dream that’s high love something up there.

All the way up.

To the place that gives up hope and courage and peace.

And we call it,

The Sky.



Meet Skye and follow her for a chance to be a part of her movement, her dance, her magic, her light.

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