Love Letter to New York City: Brayan and Skating in Washington Heights


A Love Letter to Skateboard Sharings in Washington Heights

This is why I love New York. This is why I write her love letters.

I recently discovered a vibrant graffiti-lined tunnel up in Washington Heights, when I saw this young man named Brayan walk by with his skateboard. I followed him out of the station, introduced myself and my Love Letters project to him, and asked if he’d be open to me filming him.

He said yes, and we had a blast! I was running through the streets and tunnels of upper Manhattan. We laughed and shared joy and the serendipity of saying hi to a stranger. I was touched by his energy, youthful spirit, desire to help, and most of all, fascination with flying.

Stories line the streets in this city. This is one that I am glad we get to tell. He told me I was a blessing to him. It’s a good day when you can be someone’s blessing.

Keep rocking, B. You made me want to find my wings and spread them far and wide.

To the sky.


All the way up!

“I guess it’s because I always want to be somebody’s hero.”

Meet Brayan, the young man who said yes to sharing adventure and positive vibes uptown!

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Oh so true!

With Love,

Brian Rashid

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