“Rashid gets paid to tell stories by the most influential brands in the world.”

Our agency is proud to offer:

Branding and Marketing Consulting

Brian Rashid Global works with your team to create out of the box approaches to create a digital roadmap to a digital strategy relevant today. We audit your content social strategy and assets, explore the current state of affairs of your brand and marketing efforts, and create a detailed plan consistent with the current trends in written, video, and audio content for today’s socialsphere.

Modern Day Content Creation

Brian Rashid Global specializes in fast-paced, compelling, approachable human pieces that inspire action. We reverse engineer your end goal and audience to create content with clear distribution strategies to achieve the outcome you want.

Measurable Social Media Campaigns

After we create modern-day content for our clients, we focus on smart and relevant distribution strategies to ensure your ideal audience is watching. Through location, age, income, interests, and sophisticated retargeting efforts, we obtain and track views, conversions, and leads through Facebook ad managers. The better your content performs, the more we boost it through paid media.

Real Clients & Real Results

Lisa Smith recording the Recovery Rocks Podcast