Love Letter to New York City: From Colombia to Queens: The Celebration of a Success Story with Juan Plaza


One of the most beautiful humans I know. A success story in every sense of the word. The definition of generous is equal parts kind to anyone he meets as he is fiercely loyal to those that he loves hardest.

A man whose word is gold, whose heart is infinite, and whose spirit is paralleled to the most powerful force of nature you can imagine, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of being friends with Juan Plaza for nearly a decade.

There are few people in this world who love as deeply, live as fully, and transmit as much positive energy into this world as Juan.

I could write you dozens of love letters, and you would deserve every single word of every single one, mi querido amigo.

But for now, enjoy these words, and enjoy this one.

“I scream in the streets; New York the city that I love. People might call me crazy, but I’m happy, and that’s what counts.”

Meet Juan Plaza, a true success story! 

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Thank you so much for being here on what is literally my dream coming true.

Oh so true!

With Love,

Brian Rashid